About our company

G and G  Partners, LLC concentrates on the re-refining and recycling of off spec  hydrocarbon streams. Certain hydrocarbon streams are re-refined to  their original specs, while other streams are recycled to markets where  it is not necessary to have the original specifications. In either case,  G and G Partners, LLC provides these products to deliver a strategic  cost advantage to our customer base. The generators of these off spec  hydrocarbon streams also receive an environmental benefit from these  streams being re-refined or recycled in a safe, and reliable manner.  G  and G Partners, LLC is also extending our services to provide virgin  base oil and finished products. 

 G and G Partners is based in Houston, TeXas. Our company provides all of our services across the united states. We have built  our reputation on Providing excellence with our products and services ,  while continuing to focus on building long term relationships. 


why choose us?

We deliver petroleum products to our customer at a strategic cost advantage

We  are able to do this by processing and recycling off spec products that  provide the same value as virgin products but at a significantly  less cost.

We manage the recovery of your hydrocarbon streams in a safe and reliable manner

G  and G Partners, LLC works with partners throughout the United States to  process or recycle these streams to the appropriate petroleum markets.

We focus on long term success 

G  and G Partners conducts its daily business practice in such a manner to  develop mutual beneficial long term relationships with our suppliers  and customers. 


"G  and G Partners has strategic partners located throughout the United  States that allow the transportation expenses to be minimized resulting  in maximum value of recovered hydrocarbon."