About Us


G and G's History

After 28 years of working for various chemical and environmental companies, Anthony Giuliani and his wife Kim, started G and G in June 2008. With only an idea, a credit card, and a few contacts, G and G Partners was built from the ground up through hard work, commitment, integrity, and perseverance.

G and G Energy was formed from a desire to find solutions to the ever-growing environmental concerns in the oil and gas industry. Our original goal was to discover outlets for by-products and waste streams that would otherwise be sent to landfill or incinerated. The concept was simple: to develop a market that optimizes value of the product for the producer, while minimizing negative environmental footprints. Since inception, G and G Energy has expanded its business model to include marketing both virgin and re-refined base oils, diesel fuel, gasoline, and crude, focusing on surplus material to provide incentives to our customers. 

Through our decades of experiences, G and G has been able to expand our knowledge, capabilities and market reach while developing strong, long-term, working relationships with each of our clients, suppliers, and service providers. These relationships were built on the ability to continually deliver value time and time again. As a result of our hard work and sustained performance, we have the privilege of working with all major US refineries, multiple fuel blenders, oil treatment facilities, and waste to energy companies. These strategic relationships allow us to be able to source base oils, gasoline, diesel and many other petroleum products and chemicals, both virgin and recovered, nationally. Our ability to source product locally, allows us to reduce freight, and thereby improving your bottom line

Why Choose Us?


G and G Energy has built a positive reputation built on product quality, service, job-site safety, and performance. 


We hold high standards for all employees and contractors. We pride ourselves on being reliable, honest, and transparent. These values have allowed us to have long term relationships, 10+ years, with suppliers, customers, and service providers. 


Our strategic partnerships allow us to provide a cost savings to our customers. 



 We have the necessary knowledge and tools to get any job done swiftly, professionally, and economically.  


We are accommodating to both small businesses and large corporations. Allow us to supply products to you by flexi, tanker, rail, barge, or pipeline.