Petroleum Recovery

G  and G Partners, LLC has strategic partners located throughout the  United States that allow the transportation expenses to be minimized in  the re-refining of various off spec hydrocarbon products. G and G  Partners has successfully completed many bulk petroleum, transmix,  diesel, and transformer oil recovery projects. These projects vary from  10,000 gallons to over 1 million gallons.These materials were  transported and recovered in a matter that was safe and incident free.


Transportation Services

As a service to our customers, G  and G Partners, LLC arranges truck and rail transportation. We  have several contracts with national and regional bulk transportation  companies to safely handle and transport petroleum products in  compliance with the Department of Transportation regulations. We have a  zero tolerance on spill incidents, therefore we utilize dedicated  drivers to help prevent driver incidents. 

G  and G Partners, LLC has the capability of shipping many of  our petroleum products we offer by rail.  Please ask us about this  service so we can assist you in getting the necessary arrangements  completed.